Craigslist is so awesome. You can put anything up there, literally anything, in the free stuff category, and it will be gone within 2 hours.

You could post “Single sock, small hole in the toe. First come, first served” and you would be fielding at least 3 emails. “Hi. Is the sock still available? Thanks! :)”

So great. A real easy way to declutter, and meet some interesting people along the way!

Oh, but you can’t sell anything. No. That doesn’t work at all. “Solid gold bullion. $100 firm” will just float gently down to the bottom of the pile, slowly receding into oblivion. Then 2 days later Gustavo429 will send you this: “Will you take $25 for the bullion?” You will even agree to take $25 for the bullion and never hear from Gustavo again.

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