Trailer learnings

  1. Steam is a very efficient cooking method.
  2. If your garden hose springs a leak, it can be repaired with a $5 coupler.
  3. Trader Joes sells precooked meats that are actually very tasty.
  4. Gray water smells bad. Plants don’t love it, but it won’t kill them.
  5. If your propane tank is the old kind, it can’t be refilled.
  6. Frozen vegetables heated in the microwave taste like frozen vegetables heated in the microwave.
  7. In La Crescenta, after 8 months on the street, the Sheriff’s department may give you a ticket for “unattached trailer.”
  8. If you run your refridgerator on the propane, you will use up your propane very fast.
  9. A quiet moment by myself can get me through any situation.
  10. There’s a place in Baldwin Park that will swap out your old propane tank valve for the new kind, then you can refill it. (See #5.)
  11. I waste a lot of water when dumping it is not my responsibility.
  12. I feel safe in small spaces. (Trailer small, not MRI small.)

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